Hi! I'm Justine Ma, a business strategist and copy expert for yogis and creative entrepreneurs.

I'm a quick thinking, problem solving, left-brained yogi with the ability to help creative entrepreneurs build their business, establish their boundaries, and communicate their purpose with authenticity. My clients hire me to organize their thoughts and build their brand so they can focus on their talent. Read what my clients have to say!


My Services.

One on one.

I mentor creative entrepreneurs who want to break the mold and build their own empires! Together we'll set powerhouse goals and I'll keep you accountable. I've helped my clients get speaking engagements on the TEDx stages, sell bestselling books, teach yoga infront of thousands, scale their incomes to 6 figures, and I've connected them to major companies with big payouts. My role is to up-level your entrepreneurial vision so you can achieve the goals in your head by turning them into actions.


Speaking Events

Companies like Lululemon Athletica, SELF Magazine, HUB Seventeen, Wholesome Wave and a variety of conscious corporations have hired me to create, plan and organize  yoga, food, journaling and lifestyle events.


Additionally, I host masterminds online and I'm available to fly nationwide or internationally to teach your company in small or large group formats. To receive a sample of my online workshops, click here to download!


  • Tailor your voice with your vision

  • Build your brand with authenticity

  • Connect you to some of the best influencers, magazines and organizations in the food, yoga and wellness industries

  • Surround yourself with positive mindsetting


"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."

Thomas Edison

Let's Talk.

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Email: byjustinema@gmail.com

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