launching January 2021

(2 month minimum - 1 pick up per month)


$50.00/month donation

1 Market Dumpling Set (6-8 Pieces)

1 Artisanal Set (6-8 Pieces)

$75.00/month donation

1 Market Dumpling Set (6-8 Pieces)

2 Artisanal Sets (6-8 Pieces)

$100.00/month donation

1 Market Dumpling Set (6-8 Pieces)

2 Artisanal Set (6-8 Pieces)

1 Homemade "Dinner for One" Meals



Before you sign up for dumpling club:

- Please send your full name, email, phone number and instagram handle (it's the platform I use to communicate with all dumpling club members)

 - Please communicate if you have any allergies or taste preferences prior to sending in payments

-   When the dumplings are ready for pick up, you can organize a delivery to Hilo by texting Ryan 808-936-9513 and he will set the location and time for the week; or you can pickup in Keaau on Sunday at 5pm XO


venmo $5.00 or more to @byjustinema to join

$5.00/month - does not include dumplings

Join foodie club and get priority access to flash sales 24hrs before they go public! Guaranteed to sell 4 sets/month (minimum) and sets include extra market dumplings, one of a kind dumplings, artisanal test batches, ugly dumplings and R&D food, averaging $15-35 per item

I will be communicating via IG group message and every month will be a new group - please renew before the month ends otherwise you'll be put on the list the following month when donation is received. If you are a current member and donation was not received, you will be removed from group. 


1) How do I join VIP dumpling club?


Direct message me! Once you know which level you’d like, I’ll confirm your pick-up preference (Hilo or Keaau) and any dietary preferences before you send your donation via venmo @byjustinema or


From there you will be put on a waitlist and as soon as a spot becomes available you will be contacted. If a spot is not available and the waitlist is closed, you will be refunded your donation.

2) How often do I pick up my dumplings? Where?

Once I make the dumplings, I will send a message for pickup on Sunday at 5pm in HPP Keaau or you can organize a delivery to Hilo by texting Ryan 808-936-9513 and he'll text you the time/date/location for an additional $5 paid to him.

$5.00 extra if you request a different location date/time unless we've discussed this together in advance

3) What if I don’t like certain ingredients?


Please inform me of any preferences before signing up so I can confirm whether I can accommodate you - I will take your request into consideration however everything is chefs choice and there are no guarantees xo!


4) How are the dumplings made?

All dumplings are made fresh by hand and ingredients are purchased from farmers, ranchers and fishermen. As soon as they're made, dumplings are frozen and should be cooked frozen when deep fried, air-fryed, pan fry/steamed or steamed.

5) What is the difference between an artisanal dumpling and a market dumpling?


Artisanal dumplings are made with handmade, hand rolled dough; market dumplings are made with a store bought wrappers; all dumplings are made with local high quality proteins and local vegetables.


6) How do I cook them?


Dumplings are served frozen and they should be frozen when you're ready to cook - NO THAWING :) Check out my instagram highlights over at @chefjustinema for videos!

Panfry/Steam - Lightly coat non-stick pan with oil, place dumplings in hot pan and sear bottoms for 1-2mins, then add a small amount of water and cover with lid on high. Wait 2-3mins and check to see if the dough it fully cooked, then remove from pan and enjoy!

Airfry - 390 degrees at 6 mins for meat, 8 mins for veg or poultry

Deepfry - Heat oil in a sauce pan and boil, Add dumplings and remove when golden brown/crispy

Boil/Panfry - Boil water in a saucepan, add dumplings and wait until they float- approximately 3-4 minutes. Remove and add to hot pan with butter or oil, then cook til desired crispiness.

DISCLAIMER: If you are not confident in cooking them on your own, please reach out and I'll schedule a time where you can pick up cooked dumplings in Keaau, mahalo!

Also, once you receive your dumplings - I am not responsible for the storage. Dumplings must be kept frozen.


7) Can I renew my subscription?


Existing members have the option of renewing their membership within the first 15 days after receiving their first set of dumplings for that round; if dumpling members do not renew, waitlist members will advance into the next round of dumpling club.

*** If you’re on the waitlist I will let you know which group you’ll be added to once a spot becomes available.***

8) How do I get on the waitlist?

Direct message me your name, email, and tier preference. Once I receive your donation, you'll be added to the waitlist. You are not guaranteed to be in the club until you receive a direct message from me confirming your spot.

*** If you have any dietary needs, please communicate that in your message prior to payment so I can determine whether or not I can accommodate you. If I cannot, I will refund you.

*** Please keep in mind that all dumplings are chefs choice and I will take in consideration any preferences (ex: food you love/food you avoid), however NO GUARANTEES xoxo

All dumplings are inspired and created based on farm to table, seasonal availability and made in small batches.

If you have a specific dumpling preference I’d recommend skipping the club and placing a custom order ($75 minimum with at least 5 days notice - dumplings can be frozen).

9) What if I decide dumpling club isn't for me?


No worries! After you receive your first set of dumplings, let me know if you'd like to opt out within 5 days of receiving your first set and I'll refund you back 50% of your total and your spot will go to someone on the waitlist.


Please note - once a member leaves the club they will need to join the waitlist if they want to join again in the future. If you join the club for a second time and leave after the first drop, you will be asked just to place custom orders.


10) Do the dumplings include sauces?


I do NOT encourage the use of additional sauces and dips unless I feel like the ingredients would benefit from it.  My goal is to highlight the farm to table ingredient with simple techniques and flavors.

11) Do I get to pick which dumplings I want?


All dumplings are inspired by seasonal ingredients and completely chefs choice. Once dumplings are made, I may communicate which ones I created via social media or newsletter. In the event that you see a set you’d absolutely love, you can message me and I can take your request into consideration however nothing is guaranteed (however if can, I will)! Tier 3 and Tier 2 have priority on which sets they receive.

12) Can I add-on to my order or upgrade?


Yes you can add-on a la carte if quantities are available (not guaranteed).


You may upgrade when you renew for the next cycle of dumpling club which guarantees you the additional items. 


Members will get first dibs to buy any of the extra dumplings within the first 48hrs, and if unclaimed then there will be a public flash sale for a limited amount of sets.

13) What is available on a weekly basis?


At the moment I am focused on Dumpling Club members/orders so I am not offering dumplings on a weekly basis unless I host a random flash sale with extra quantities.


You may want to consider joining the Dumpling Club with a $5.00 donation to get priority access to flash sales 24hrs before the public.

Alternatively you can always order a custom set with a minimum of a $75 donation, artisanal dumplings start at $90 donation or you can do a combination. Both versions increase depending on wrapper and fillings.

14) Where are the pick up locations?


Pick up only in HPP Keaau on Sunday at 5pm. If that doesn't work, Hilo delivery is available for an additional $5.00

15) Do you offer GF dumplings?


No, I do not offer these as an option anymore. They're delicious however the dough is extremely sensitive and causes cracks in the skin so I choose not to make them. Alternatively,  I offer a recorded Gluten Free Workshop so you can make them at home at your convenience! The Gluten Free Dumpling Workshop includes a previously recorded workshop, gluten free ingredient suggestions, and recipe.

To purchase, DM me!

16) Do you have vegan or vegetarian dumplings?

The dumpling dough is 100% vegan (unless I'm making a specialty item that requires butter) and for fillings, I can make vegan or vegetarian options however these would be considered a custom order and would require a 24 piece minimum for $90 donation

17) Do you ship dumplings?

Oh gosh, right now I do not. Perhaps if I'm guided in the future it may become an option however the dough skins and meat fillings are very temperature sensitive.

18) Do I put them in the fridge or freezer?


FREEZER! They should not be thawed - it'll effect the dumpling skin and most likely stick to the container and rip. Please keep them frozen and COOK them frozen. If you do not feel comfortable, you can set up a time and I will cook them - pick up in Keaau.

19) How many dumplings make one portion?


Depending on your appetite, 4 dumplings can be a good portion as an appetizer - 8+ dumplings can be a meal.

20) Who is this club for?


Farm to table food aficionados! If you appreciate local, high quality handmade food that's made with a lot of love... this club is for you. 

Each set of dumplings directly supports multiple, local, small businesses on the Big Island of Hawaii. Thank you for supporting our work as a collective!

*** This passion project is solely a labor of love and I'm receiving donations for all labor involved. I reserve the right to remove any persons who disrupt the energy or intention of this project, mahalo nui aloha ***