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Q: I booked a consultation, who initiates the call and how do we connect?

A: Once your payment is confirmed, you will be emailed an invitation to join me on SKYPE at your designated day/time. SKYPE is a phone/video conference call program that can be accessed on your computer or smart phone. If you don't have SKYPE, please download it now and add BYJUSTINEMA - I will meet you there at the designated day/time and wait for your call.



Q: How can I make the most out of my appointment?

A: Here are some tips to make the most out of your session.

  1. My goal is to have you leaving our appointment focused and determined to take the next steps on your journey, so take a few deep breaths before the session begins 

  2. Please make time for the session (do not multi-task). Choose a quiet spot with little to no distractions around you (ex: do not take the call while shopping, watching your child, etc)

  3. Please download SKYPE prior to the session and add BYJUSTINEMA to your contact list. You will initate the call and if I don't receive a call, don't worry, I will send you a message at the start time to let you know I am waiting for you

  4. Set an alarm 5 minutes before the session begins so you can receive your full session

  5. If you’d like to extend your time, that won’t be a problem. You will have the option to continue working with me for $15 every additional 10mins.

  6. To maximize your time, please write down one specific question prior to our session and outline at least one goal for your call. 

  7. I set all appointments in HAWAII TIME, please make sure you've adjusted to your timezone.

  8. Session begins promptly at scheduled time. If SKYPE doesn't work, please call 646-588-0865 or email hello@byjustinema.com

  9. If you prefer to have your session via phone, please send me an email 48hrs prior to your appointment with the request. If you do not request this service I will assume you will be meeting me on SKYPE.



Q: How do I make a payment for services?

A: Thank you for your interest in working with me! All payments need to be processed in order to save your booking. Please see below for payment options:

  • For Workshops or Private Consultations, please make your PAYPAL payment directly on the website or if we've discussed a custom package, you'll receive a Paypal or Venmo payment request from hello@byjustinema.com; once payment is received you will be sent an invitation for a meeting on SKYPE

  • For Webinars or E-Courses, payment will go directly through the website using Stripe

  • For Website or Editorial Services, please pay your non-refundable deposit directly on the website, Venmo or Paypal, then email your document directly for a full quote. I will send you an invoice for full payment via Paypal or Square. If you choose not to continue after receiving your quote (which averages to $100/page), your deposit will not be refunded.



Q: What are your return policies?

A: For all sessions, please reschedule your appointment at least 24hrs in advance, otherwise your appointment will be forfeited. All individual services must be redeemed within 1 month of purchase, and packages expire 3 months from time of purchase.


For webinars purchased at the full value, you'll have lifetime access to the content! If you'd like to upgrade to lifetime access, email me!



Q: What if I can't make it to the appointment on time? What if I have to cancel?

A: If you book an appointment and can't make it - life happens! Please contact me asap.

We can reschedule anytime within 1 month since the time you purchased the session as long as you get in contact with me 24hrs in advance (email/text/call - I will confirm cancellation). 


If you know you'll be late on the day of our appointment and I have flexibility in my schedule, I will be happy to honor the full appointment; otherwise the session will begin at your designated timeslot. If you do not make an effort to communicate, your appointment will be forfeited completely after a 15min window. Thank you for making time for your investment!



Q: I see you're in HAWAII, I live in a different time-zone/country, how can we work together?

A: As long as we have the internet or a landline, we're good to go!

  • SKYPE is my preference for consultations. Whether you're national or international; if you don't have SKYPE, please download it now and add BYJUSTINEMA

  • Please confirm YOUR time zone, I set all appointments in HAWAII time!

  • Sessions begin promptly at scheduled time, please see above incase you cannot make the designated appointment.

  • If Skype doesn't work, call 646-588-0865 or email hello@byjustinema.com



Q: I'm not available during the week for a call, do you work weekends?

A: I'm happy to support you on your journey and VIPs have access to me any day of the week if the schedule allows. Please reach out directly via email and I can review the schedule to see what is available. For standard coaching sessions, I have some flexibility in my schedule on Saturdays!



Q: I don't see my question! What should I do?

A: Contact me! I'd love to hear from you and if it's something everyone can benefit from I'd be happy to add it to the FAQ's section! Thank you!





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