You may be brand new to entrepreneurship or you may have been honing your craft for years, even ten years, however you're missing structure.


In order to build your brand successfully, you need to create a solid foundation so you can communicate your goals, and market your product/service/package to people who value your time and energy.


In order to ATTRACT QUALITY CLIENTS (people, sponsors, organizations, corporations), it's imperative to invest in your business. I know investing can be SCARY, and most times you'll try to get all the FREE advice from anyone willing to give it, but sometimes that will set you back farther than making a small investment.




When you waste your time and energy, it may lead to burnout or open-ended projects that never get completed. 


THE SOLUTION? Clarity, structure, mentorship and balance


Start investing in yourself so you can strategically enhance your business with professional guidance.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. My goal is to support you in anyway I can, and believe me, I will. When you work with me, I will protect you from making mistakes that cost you time and money.

To see if we're a good fit, book a free 20 minute clarity call to get clear on which aspect of your business you need to focus on (especially if you have multiple business ideas)!

Module 1: The Money Plan

  • Strategically manifest the lifestyle you desire by establishing your financial goals, and get crystal clear about the steps you need to take in order to achieve them through goal setting


Module 2: The Pitch ​

  • ​Communicate your uniqueness to the public by creating a personal pitch so you don't get stuck the next time someone says, "What do you do for a living?"


Module 3: Product Development​

  • Develop a product or service that will sell with professional marketing strategies that will create consistent results. If you're already in business we'll create & evaluate your pre-existing offerings


Module 4: Website Development​

  • Get your existing website evaluated and receive direct feedback on how to make it more user friendly and appealing (inquire about content creation and editing)​

Module 5: Target Market

  • ​Tailor your marketing to attract paying clients that you want to work with! Give your online presence a makeover by learning about your target audience, and how to maximize your online engagement​ with my signature How to Attract Paying Clients - 3 Module course 


Module 6: Beta Testing

  • Learn which questions to ask in order to get direct feedback on your products from potential and existing clients in order to fine tune your pitch and presentation to the public


Module 7: Establish Your Value​

  • Learn how to respond to people who do not recognize your value by establishing your bottom line, and negotiate without compromising your value (business manager negotiations are included in all packages)


Module 8: Uplevel Your Business

  • Create and upgrade your existing product(s) so past, present and future clients will want to continue working with you​

I love Justine's calming, yet no-nonsense attitude. She knows exactly how to highlight her clients and thanks to her services and connections, I was able to pitch my business to a major company after she created entire website for me in 24 hours!

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