Just a small town girl, living on a vibrant island full of potential.

Hi, I'm Justine, a writer, teacher, world traveler and professional chef living on the Big Island of Hawaii. I cook farm to table and live a minimalist lifestyle by focusing on quality over quantity.

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In 2016, I moved from NYC to Hawaii to live a completely different lifestyle. I needed time to step away from city life to understand who I am, what I like and how I want to show up in the world. Since then I've become more conscious of my footprint, living simpler, and choosing to live sustainably by integrating on-grid and off-grid practices on a daily basis.


Life on the Big Island is special and unique. Surrounded by the jungles riches, I offer personalized experiences to help my guests integrate onto the island by offering private island tours to showcase the local produce, vendors and hidden gems. Additionally, I host cooking classes that promote lifelong skills, and custom dining experiences.